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Kindly read these Terms and Conditions carefully. They represent a legally binding agreement between - Mamtic Innovations LTD (“The Company”, “us”, “we”, “our”) a company incorporated under the laws of Cyprus, with its registered offices at 4 Charalampou Pettemeridi, Strovolos, P.C. 2042, Nicosia, Cyprus - and you (“Customer”) for the use of our Service. By using the Service you agree that you have understood and accepted the terms of our agreement. If you accept our terms on behalf of your company, then we conclude you have authority to do so.

Terms of Service

1.) Mamtic Innovations LTD offers a variety of services enabling connectivity, such as mobile, web-based and desktop applications described on our site.
2.) You agree to pay for the use of our services as indicated on Pricing Annex provided to you upon finalizing the paperwork. You will be entered into an individual agreement with Mamtic Innovations in which pricing related info applies.
3.) Mamtic Innovation holds the right to change prices from time to time, as The Company see fit. Company will notify The Customer of it’s intention to raise prices by giving an electronic (email) notice to the email address provided by The Customer on the date of signing The individual Contract.
4.) Charges are taken into account based on recording and computing of Mamtic Innovations LTD.
5.) Mamtic Innovations LTD hold the right of terminating this Agreement without further notice if a.) The Customer has an outstanding payment older than 45 days and/or a payment dispute cannot be resolved within the given 45 days from its submission. b.) The Customer has breached our Copyright Policy and/or The Company suspects of such breach. c.) The Customer has received a complaint for The Customer’s service from one of the carriers. d.) For any specific reason The Company may see fit to have given a prior notice of 30 days, sent electronically (via email).
6.) The Customer will immediately inform Mamtic Innovations if received any notification or official communication from regulators, state authorities or similar bodies - that is in direct or indirect relation to the services provided by Mamtic Innovations.
7.) The Customer will have no right reselling or aggregating Our Service without The Company’s prior consent to it.
8.) The Company and The Customer undertake that they will keep confidential any trade secrets, trading and financial details, proprietary information and/or other information pertaining to commercial value.
9.) The Customer understands and acknowledges that, in such case that an administrative body or a court under proceedings requests Mamtic Innovations to disclose Customer’s details, Mamtic Innovations will comply with such an administrative or regulatory body and provide all information seeked with scope of request.
10.) The Customer understands and acknowledges The Company will not be liable for any loss or financial claims, shall those be claimed by The Customer.
11.) The Customer will indemnify Mamtic Innovations against any claims issued by a third party in connection with the provision of Services under this Agreement - in particular, but not limited to, breach of the provisions of policies referenced to in Our Site or Contract.
12.) The Customer will comply with applicable laws, such as but not limited to data protection, anti-bribery, anti-spam laws as well as Mamtic Innovations terms and policies.
13.) This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Cyprus.

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