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Robust SMS API

SMS is being used by a large variety of businesses for their B2B communications. Examples of SMS range, for example a fitness class informing you of change of schedule in your upcoming class, a bank notifying you of a transaction you just made, etc. Businesses will usually harness technology to assist with the automation of such messages. This is where an API service comes very handy.

Send and receive SMS programmatically according to your business needs

Use our SMS API to seamlessly send text messages. They will arrive in seconds to your customer. You can send a time-critical alert or use for customer support. You can setup your notification URL to receive SMS from your clients, and you will be able to see it in your dashboard. You can use your own unique sender ID so that your customers will recognize where the text is coming from. For security purpose, you can access our SaaS using SSL or VPN.

Perform Number Lookup programmatically to avoid sending SMS message to inactive numbers

Face it, communication has become a dynamic topic. Your customers often change their phone number or port it to a different network. It has become a common practice that businesses suffer from an increased amount of inactive phone numbers in their database. Our Number Lookup API resolves this challenge effectively.Our Dashboard will summarise and remove invalid and unavailable numbers, thus cleansing your database. It will increase your deliverability.

Number Verification with SMS API

Businesses implementing SMS verification benefit from a second form of verification to the services they provide their customers. To simplify this solution, you can send a one time code such as “135266” to your customer’s phone number, while they can enter this code into your website or application, confirming they have successfully received and verified the SMS message.

Customized Development Services

Our highly skilled Resources and Development Team can provide you with a wide array of proprietary solutions. From examples of code snippets and webhooks to creating a full scale application - we are here to provide you with a full one stop shop solution for your required B2B SMS solution.

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