Security Information

Security and Technical Standards

Effective: January 1, 2020

Mamtic Innovations provides a Saas (Software as a Service) Platform for various business needs. Below documentation scopes security and technical standards for our customer’s protection.

Physical Data Controlling

The physical location where all data is stored in Leaseweb B.V., located in The Netherlands. Technology is built on bare metal (HP Platform Level), the data is kept on private racks, supported by a variety of ISO standards and protected in infrastructure and facilities.

Top Notch Security Protocols

Mamtic Innovations keeps limited authorized personnel from having access to our data processing environments. This type of access is done via secure VPN endpoint fingerprint based on the assigned functional role.
This authentication mechanism requires two-factors:
a.) Accessing a machine via relevant VPN
b.) Providing relevant credentials.

Credentials policy mandates specific composition, size, and expiration definition. Granting credential access rights follows established workflow requiring management approval.. Lastly, all actions can be time stamped and saved to particular users making the actions.

Two Factor Authentication

Mamtic Innovations provides it’s clients with a Dashboard for the management of their account. This is a dedicated and secure web page (https) protected by:
a.) A designated IP address (we will whitelist specific IP address so that your dashboard can only be accessed from this IP address).
b) Two factor authentication mechanisms (accessing your dashboard will require a verification code sent to you by an SMS, to the phoen registered on your account.

Comprehensive protection from DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service)

Mamtic Innovations has gone a long research and severe efforts to recognize incoming DDoS attacks and re-route any malicious traffic before it reaches our customer’s endpoints.

Security and Encryption

Mamtic Innovations utilizes data encryption and logging of requests called by customers via their Dashboard. Businesses can be insured to have access to all or specific activity via logs indicating timestamps, IP, User Agent, OS, etc.

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