The Company advertises two main portals:

A Recipe Portal:

A Gaming Portal:

In both cases, worldwide consumers are able to consume premium and unique content within their mobile phones for a fee that changes between one geographic location to the other.

Flow of Operations

Mamtic Innovations uses Publishers for its user acquisition.

These Publisher Counterparties advertise The Companies’ Portals to global end users. Promotion of product is usually done on mobile (iOS / Android) or desktop, and quality of promotion is based on all types of KPI. Mamtic Innovations is looking to get promoted in clear and clean means which are seamless to the end user.

Authentication & Security

Mamtic Innovations uses Mobile Aggregator Counterparties to bill global end users.

Almost 50% of global population works not through banks. On the other hand, there are more active mobile phones than there are people living on Earth. Mamtic Innovations has chosen mobile payment so that users can purchase our products or services right from their mobile phone, with the maximum security possible.

Mobile aggregators invoice the Mobile Network Operator, which in returns invoices the end user for services consumed through The Company’s advertised portals.

Two Way Messaging

The Company delivers free of change regulatory messages to global end users.

This is done via mobile bulk partners, and defined by regulations in each of the countries The Company operates in.

Mobile Communicator

Reaching global clients using fast, reliable, affordable SMS providers.

Number Lookup

Protect yourself against fraud by ensuring the quality of the numbers you engage with.

Why is this critical? Simple! You do not want to fall victim to fraud or scams that may cause your costs to run up by engaging with fake or otherwise problematic mobile numbers. Utilise our Number Lookup solution to give you more insight into your messaging strategy.