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Our Technology

Great products need great fundamentals. Our technology is the rock solid foundation that Mamtic Innovations is built on.

100% in-house developed
World Class hosting locations
Redundancy & load balance
Multiple protocol support

Why Mamtic Innovations?

Founded in 2015, Mamtic Innovations is an online global advertiser in the field of online mobile billing and entertainment. The Company’s vision is to distribute, deploy and expose its mobile services in as many geographic locations as possible.

  • We uphold high moral and ethical standards in our business and all relations between team members, clients, partners, and our community.
  • We believe that through teamwork and professional, positive relationships, we can reach our goals and maintain a healthy and productive work/life balance.
  • We seek to provide client solutions and goals by leveraging our best-of-breed technologies and methodologies.
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"We work hard. We play hard. We get your message across. We are the Mamtic Innovations family"

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